Diary of Aaliyah
In Loving Memory of Aaliyah
Dana Haughton.
Your Legacy Forever lives on.


Happy tears. 

Anonymous: It would have been great if Aaliyah played in honey. It would have been great!

Yes it would’ve

Anonymous: Do you have any pictures of Aaliyah like real hair other than aanbn

The picture you see of Aaliyah is her real hair, She was part Native American and African American 



Ya’ll Aaliyah wasn’t the only Black female singer who existed in the 90’s




She wasn’t even top 10 when she was alive. Stop comparing her to Beyonce there is levels to this shit and Aaliyah ain’t make it to that level. Let Baby Gurl rest in peace.

No, she wasn’t top ten to you… Your opinions are not facts… BYE! 

Who said she wasn’t Top Ten …Do your research cause it sure wasn’t Beyonce

Last Time I checked, Magazine and News Officials don’t lie. Your ” Queen B” Didn’t pop off until AFTER Aaliyah passed away and facts will prove it. Beyonce wasn’t anywhere NEAR Aaliyah’s level, They didnt call beyonce “Sexiest Woman Alive” Or ” Best RnB Vocals” Nor did they say she was running the RnB game. Y’all act like Beyonce shitted out and came on top. Meanwhile She used Aaliyah and her people to Come ON TOP let’s not forget when Aaliyah helped on set with Destiny Child Video Back in the 90s and When Beyonce wanted to go solo she turned to Missy and Timb WHO ARE the people who Produced Aaliyah. The facts go on and on, Don’t make your artist seem like Holier than thou, when she started off pretty rough. If Aaliyah wasn’t the Top ten when she was alive why didn she have 6 movie deals flying up her ass working with Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson meanwhile your artist was in a group. Don’t throw shade or try to when you don’t have FACTS to prove it. and Learn how to spell correctly It’s BABY GIRL, get it right.

Anonymous: Aaliyah wasn't the only artist in the 90s, she wasn't even the highest selling, Aaliyah's success didn't stop other artists from out selling her when she was alive(Toni, Mariah, Lauryn Hill, Mary J, Missy) so why would it have stopped Bey who was also outselling her through Destiny's child "her group" ? Destinys child second album sold 8 million, Aaliyah's first & second sold 7 million combined, stop trying to tarnish her legacy by making her into something she's not

It’s obvious that she wasn’t the only artist in the 90’s but she was one of the top artist. No one tarnishing her legacy to make her something she’s not. Billboards and facts don’t lie hun. I dont recall beyonce performing at the Oscars at a young age, nor do I recall one of her albums being ” Best R&B album of all time “. You all act like beyonce came up on top out of no where, NO she didn’t not she started just as everyone else did and came up just as everyone else like what i say or not, it doesn’t change facts.

You must have NOT been around when Aaliyah was alive, Beyonce didn’t ” pop off” Until Aaliyah passed away. I don’t recall people calling beyonce Queen B back in the 90’s or  early 2000’s I remember ” Queen Aaliyah “. Let’s not forget when Aaliyah helped out with Destiny Child’s choreography with that one video, Your Queen B. used Queen A people to get to the top let’s not forget that. Aaliyah had the music business game on LOCK DOWN when she was living and still does, I don’t really recall artist saying they look up to beyonce nor do i recall beyonce being a trendsetter or none of that. Aaliyah will run circles around her hun.